KemperSports Shares its Love of Golf with Player Development Program

ms_admin / March 22, 2018


Each year, KemperSports celebrates through its unique Player Development Program. The Player Development Program is dedicated to growing the game of golf by fostering newcomers and highlighting the sport’s ties to the local community. In honor of the celebration, KemperSports properties offer complimentary 15-minute lessons throughout the month.

With a portfolio of more than 125 public, private, and resort golf courses across the country, KemperSports’ Player Development Program is designed to use the best tools and practices to deliver innovative ways to reach a new demographic of golfers.

Since the inaugural celebration in 2014, KemperSports’ Player Development Program has impacted more than 3,500 new golfers, and the numbers grow exponentially each year thanks to social media. In 2017, the program had over 700,000 connections that have helped to foster the development of the game.

The overall goal of the Player Development Program is to increase the number of golfers in every community by sharing KemperSports’ passion and love for golf with others.

“As avid golfers ourselves, we are passionate about the game of golf,” KemperSports president Josh Lesnik said. “Player Development Month gives us the opportunity to share our love of the game and hopefully introduce the game to a generation of non-golfers in a fun way.”

KemperSports doesn’t just view golf as its livelihood, it’s also their passion and they take extreme pride in their conquest to expand the game and share its many great benefits with new golfers. Those who are guests of KemperSports golf courses and other facilities can show their support for the Player Development Program and their love for golf by hopping on social media and using the hashtag #golfisgreat.

KemperSports’ Player Development Program has even received national recognition for its contributions to the golf community. Cantigny Golf in Wheaton, Ill., was awarded the 2017 Player Development Award by the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA). Cantigny has been managed by KemperSports since 2014.

As a leader in player development, Cantigny Golf used its Youth Links and innovative youth clinics to teach more than 1,500 young golfers the game in 2017 alone. The course’s Young Executive Program has helped facilitate more than 700 rounds of golf for millennials since its inception in 2016.

“We are extremely proud of our team at Cantigny Golf for this tremendous honor,” KemperSports CEO Steve Skinner said. “Their commitment to the future of the game and the best interest of their community is a reminder of the outstanding benefits that the game of golf instills.”



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